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Pre-session Care


• Please do not feed your pet within 2 hours of the start of their hydrotherapy session. This is to help reduce the risk of stomach discomfort, sickness or bloat.


• Avoid taking your pet for a long walk or take part in any vigorous exercise before their Hydrotherapy session to prevent overworking their muscles or causing fatigue.


• Please ensure your pet has emptied their bladder/bowels before they attend to prevent any 'accidents' in the pool. A cleaning fee may be charged if soiling of the pool leads to a forced closure.



Post-session Care


• Please keep your pet as warm as possible when travelling home and whilst at home, as your animal will still be damp from the session. We suggest that you keep him/her wrapped in a large towel/blanket or jacket until he/she is completely dry. Make sure to dry the fur around the collar region especially at base of neck under their chin, as this area is prone is staying damp.


• Avoid taking your animal for a long walk or take part in any vigorous exercise for the rest of the day after the Hydrotherapy session. Your pet may either be very tired and fall asleep once he/she gets home, or be very willing to play and appear to still have bags of energy but his/her muscles will be very tired from the work involved in swimming. By allowing your pet to have excessive exercise post-treatment you may cause damage to the worked muscles, reducing the benefits of hydrotherapy and prolonging their overall recovery/improvement.


• Please ensure your pet does not rest/remain stationary (sleeping) for long periods of time immediately post-session, take them for a small walk around the house/garden every 30-60 minutes to ensure their muscles do not cramp or the joints stiffen up.


• Please avoid feeding your pet a meal for at least 2 hours after the session to let their stomach settle and reduce the risk of bloat.


• Make sure fresh drinking water is available once at home.

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