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  • Whilst every care is taken of the dogs in our care and the maintenance of the equipment and quality of the water, all dogs receive hydrotherapy treatment at the owner’s risk.
  • All dogs being treated at K9 Hydrotherapy Ltd need a signed and dated Veterinary referral form.
  • All dogs must be up to date with vaccinations or titre test certificate.
  • Bitches in season must not attend until their season has finished.
  • Any dog suspected of having a contagious disease or condition must not attend until they have been signed off by the Veterinary Surgeon, if they have not seen a Veterinary Surgeon then the dog may be refused their treatment until they have done so. Cancellation conditions will apply.
  • Owners are advised to not feed their dog at least two hours prior to their session and are advised to not feed them until after an hour has passed after their session.
  • Owners are responsible for ensuring their pet has emptied their bladders prior to their session, if for some reason the dog defecates or vomits in the pool a charge of £50 will apply, as the pool will need to shut down and be cleaned and other sessions may have to be cancelled whilst this occurs.
  • Owners are responsible for advising us if the dogs condition has deteriorated prior to the session or during the session.
  • Owners are advised to wear sensible footwear whilst they are in the pool area, it can become very slippery as water will be on the floor.
  • Owners are responsible for bringing their dogs with a clean coat; please ensure that they have not just been in muddy ponds, puddles or fields.
  • We do not accept direct insurance claims.
  • K9 Hydrotherapy Ltd takes no responsibility for any theft, damage or injury caused to persons using the facility; cars are parked at the owner’s risk.
  • Please keep your dog on lead and under control when entering and exiting the property.
  • Owners are expected to clear up after their dogs if they foul on the premises.
  • All sessions are to be paid for at the end of each session unless you have opted for the block session payment, then this should be paid for after the first session in full, these are non-refundable. However in exceptional circumstances then a refund will be possible.
  • We require 24 hours’ notice for cancellations, otherwise the session will still be chargeable.














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