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1.  Animals (thereafter referred to as Clients) will not be treated without prior referral from their Veterinary Surgeon, referrals will be re-requested automatically every 6 months.


2.  Owners are responsible for updating Simply K9 about any changes to their pet's medical information.


3.  All treatment including insurance claims must be paid for in advance. Individual sessions must be paid for on the day of treatment. Block bookings paid in full on the first swim, these sessions must be used within 6 months of the last swim.


4.  The full treatment fee will be charged if an appointment is cancelled without 48 hours prior notice. Cancellations need to be done via email to


5.  Whilst Simply K9 Hydro provides the highest care for both the Owner and Client by providing state of the art water management system and top of the range equipment, all animals receiving Hydrotherapy do so entirely at their Owner’s risk.


6.  Clients with infectious conditions, eye, ear and/or skin infections will not be swam. Please seek Veterinary advice/treatment or contact Simply K9 Hydro if you are unsure.


7.  Simply K9 Hydro requires all Clients to be up to date with Veterinary recommended worming and flea treatment prior to commencement of Hydrotherapy. However, please wait at least 48 hours between treatments and hydrotherapy sessions.


8.  Simply K9 Hydro normally require Clients to be up to date with their vaccinations or titre tests, however there may be instances in which a waiver to this condition may be applied.


9.  Owners are required to notify Simply K9 Hydro immediately if the Client’s condition deteriorates and/or if the Veterinary Surgeon advises that the treatment be stopped or suspended for any reason.


10. Owners are requested to ensure that the Client is groomed prior to and regularly throughout thier Hydrotherapy Treatments (depending on coat type). This is due to the potential for the water to tighten any knots present which could cause skin problems. Whilst Simply K9 Hydro makes every effort to dry the Client thoroughly, it is up to the Owner to ensure they dry the Client off at home also.


11. In order to maintain Simply K9 Hydro's high standards of water management and sanitation please ensure the Client is clean when attending appointments. An appropriate fee will be charged if it is deemed necessary to bathe the Client prior to treatment, or the session may be cancelled.


12. Please ensure the Client has emptied their bladder and bowels prior to treatment. A surcharge of £50.00 may be levied if the Client defecates in the pool; as this usually results in closure of the pool.


14. Clients will require a suitable coat or wrap to wear after Hydrotherapy, this is vitally important in colder weather as the Client needs to be kept warm for several hours after treatment.


15. Owners are requested to bring two (2) dry towels to dry and wrap the Client.


16. When attending Simply K9 Hydro, this will entail the entering of a “Wet Area”. It is advised to wear flat, closed toe footwear with non-slip soles if possible. Only clean footwear will be allowed in the Hydrotherapy area.


17. When not undergoing treatment all Clients will be kept under strict control and must be on an acceptable lead at all times, inside and outside the center. (We do not advocate the use of choke chains, therefore these are deemed unacceptable).


18. Bitches in season may be treated if prior notification is given to Simply K9 Hydro; special conditions may be implemented and would need to be adhered to. However it would be preferable for the season to be finished before treatment commences.


19. Simply K9 Hydro cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to vehicles and/or personal property, however caused, while on the premises.


20. Simply K9 Hydro reserves the right to use recorded videos and photographs taken during treatment sessions to monitor the Client’s progress which may be used for training and advertising purposes.


21. The Hydrotherapy Centre is not an ideal environment for young children as a quiet and calm atmosphere is required for the benefit of the Client, please try to avoid bringing children if possible.


22. Simply K9 Hydro reserves the right to refuse treatment to any Client for any reason.

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